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If this were a cop show, I'd be the ridiculously good looking one.

Detective Brian Cassidy

Detective Brian Cassidy
20 July 1967
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This is an RP journal for the Law & Order-based RPG lawandorder_siu. For more information, see that community for details. I am not Brian Cassidy or the actor who played him, Dean Winters. All L&O characters are copyright Dick Wolf and NBC Universal. This is all in good fun.

--Character's age: 43 (7/20/67)
--Their squad: North Manhattan Narcotics (24th precinct)

--Family/Educational background of character

Cassidy is New York born-and-bred, from a close-knit Irish family. He grew up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where his parents still live today.

He has three siblings, all younger. Mark (40) runs a small non-profit, Owen (35) is an actor/carpenter who mostly does commercials and bit/character parts and Erica (32) is an RN who followed in their mother’s footsteps. Owen is married and has two kids—a niece (Tori, 5) and nephew (Rowan, 3) who Brian enjoys spending time with. His parents, Jake and Ann, are working class and it’s a background Brian is familiar with. His dad still works construction and his mom, as noted, is a nurse.

Brian graduated high school in 1984 and spent two years at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), where he got his A.A. in Liberal Arts, for lack of anything better to do.

While there, and until 1989, he worked for his father’s construction company, again because it was easier than making decisions and it was something he knew how to do.

In 1989, pushed by his E.R.-nurse mother to make a difference and by his father, who thought his son should try something beside the labor-intensive family business, Brian joined the NYPD.

For his years as a uniform, Brian worked out of the 91st precinct, which is the patrolling unit for his native Greenpoint. In 1996, at age 29, Brian was promoted to detective and moved to Brooklyn North, working out of the 73rd precinct, where he largely investigated crimes in the Brownsville neighborhood.

Two years later, jumping at the chance to work in Manhattan, Brian was transferred to the 16th precinct and specifically, Manhattan Special Victims Unit. The average SVU detective’s turnover rate is two years. Brian lasted slightly less than that, the rigors of sex crimes taking their toll on him. With encouragement from his partner, John Munch, and Captain, Don Cragen, he was transferred in 2000 to Manhattan Narcotics.

Brian has been at Narco for ten years. He’s become accustomed to the squad, and has made a place for himself there as a skilled detective who can work undercover. True to the squad’s reputation for being “cowboys”, Brian has become a little more reckless on the job, or at the least, more willing to take risks.

In May, 2006, Brian was married to Felicia Reyes, a waitress at one of the local Narco haunts, who he met and began to get to know a couple years prior to that, in 2004. Their marriage was spur-of-the-moment -- Brian asked her on a whim and she accepted, much to his surprise. After about a year, though, they began to have problems and by the spring of 2008, they divorced. He's trying to learn from the mistakes he made there and does want to settle down sooner rather than later.


On the job, Cassidy is focused and dedicated. When he first went to SVU eight years ago, he was pretty green and eager to learn. He looked up to his partner, Munch, and to Captain Cragen. No longer inexperienced after nearly 20 years on the force, Brian can still be naïve at times, wanting to believe the best in people, rather than the usually darker truth. His naivety often bleeds into denial, such as in the case of his failing marriage.

In his relationships, Brian is loyal. He still keeps in touch with Cragen and Munch from his SVU days. He maintains a close relationship with both of his parents and gets together with his brothers regularly, his sister less so. Even though his marriage is clearly over (at least, it’s clear to everyone else) Brian still has the notion that “it could work” and he blames himself, even though his wife played her part in the demise.

At first glance (or even second or third glance) Cassidy doesn’t come off as super-smart and sometimes lacks common sense but his skills as a detective are sharp. He’s a team player—in a high-risk, fast-paced area like Narco, you have to be dependent on each other and you have to trust each other and he understands that it takes everyone.

Brian has a decent sense of humor. He doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke, however he dishes back out what he takes. He’s generally laid back and open to new ideas. He is physically fit, lifting weights and running, along with playing occasional games of hockey to keep in shape. If he’s playing a team sport, Cassidy can become competitive.

He likes typical “guy” stuff—beer, action movies, cars and most sports (except baseball). In particular, he roots for the NY Giants and the NY Rangers.

That being said, Brian does have a softer side. While not the obvious “sensitive” guy in the room, he can get choked up and is good at empathizing with people. After leaving SVU because he couldn’t handle the heinousness of the crimes, however, he shows this side less frequently than before.

--Traits, Weaknesses, Quirks

He acts a bit clueless from time to time, sometimes on purpose, other times because he actually has no idea what’s going on –it can on occasion be hard to tell when he’s being serious and when he’s not.

Brian can also come off as cocky, especially if he’s trying to impress a woman. It’s pretty much all talk, his way of breaking the ice or cracking jokes.

Naivety and loyalty are probably Brian’s greatest weaknesses. He is loyal to a fault, even overlooking facts when it comes to people he cares about. His naivety, or in some cases, convenient forgetfulness, can lead him to being in denial about situations, such as in his dissolving marriage.

When dealing with suspects, Brian can become impatient and has been known to get into the perp’s face when necessary, but he isn’t one to throw temper tantrums or hit walls.