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If this were a cop show, I'd be the ridiculously good looking one.
Detective Brian Cassidy
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28th-Jan-2011 10:10 pm(no subject)
what's that supposed to mean?
I gotta go undercover as a guy who sells beepers. Who the HELL still uses BEEPERS?
3rd-Oct-2010 12:45 pm(no subject)
Things are going...well, interesting at least.

Funny, I'm glad to not be undercover at the moment, but being around the squad room so much gets boring. Yeah, I know, I'm a real freakin' contradiction sometimes.


I don't know how well I'm doing in this whole thing with Val. It's...still casual, but it's getting to be pretty comfortable...

The last time that happened...

This is different.

You gotta move on, right?
5th-Sep-2010 03:20 pm(no subject)
Four months is way too long for an undercover stint. It's taxing, physically, emotionally...

At least we got the guys.

And I'm, uh, back. You know. Around. In case anyone thought I'd died (...thanks, Munch, for starting that rumor again. You're a real pal.)

PrivateCollapse )
28th-Mar-2010 03:27 am - voicemails....
Voicemail for John Munch

Hey, it's Cassidy. I was wondering if you had a spare evening to grab drinks some night soon. I know your social calendar is so busy, but I kinda had some stuff I wanted to talk to you about...gimme a call back. Bye.

Voicemail for Olivia Benson

Uh, hey, Liv, it's Brian--Brian Cassidy, I mean. I was--uh--give me a call back, when you can. Thanks. Bye.
4th-Feb-2010 07:25 pm - Bar [open RP thread]
name text
The bar is a standard cop haunt, not too far from Midtown North's 24th Precinct. There are a few guys in uniform milling around, along with a good deal of plainclothes officers. It's not too hard to make a cop, even when he or she is off-duty, so it's pretty obvious who's NYPD and who's not.

Brian Cassidy sits toward the middle of the bar, with an empty seat on either side of him. He's got a basket of fries in front of him and is taking a gulp from a longneck bottle of light beer.
22nd-Nov-2009 05:29 am(no subject)
listening or interviewing
I got a new partner.

Uhhhh, I don't think this is going to work out.

I mean, I don't mind roughing up perps or gettin' in faces, but this guy is just...out there. Hardly talks to me, either.

Any words of wisdom? Anyone?
17th-Sep-2009 11:47 pm(no subject)
This. Is. Bullshit.
25th-Aug-2009 06:44 pm(no subject)
listening or interviewing
Out the rest of the week, though not by my own choosing.

Friggin' protocol my ass.

And yeah, Montez is fine. Or will be soon enough.
20th-Jul-2009 05:44 am(no subject)
name text
[Posted via cell phone]

On shift watching some dealer's apartment. Ass-o-clock in the morning. On my birthday. This blows.
30th-Jun-2009 04:57 am(no subject)
name text
Exhausted. I just got off a freakin' stakeout and I'm too damn tired to sleep.

Anyone doing anything interesting for the 4th of July? Goin' to a barbeque at my partner's, then I think heading to Brooklyn to see the family.

Think maybe I'll head to the diner around the corner and grab some dinner--or breakfast or whatever the hell meal it is right now. I never thought I'd say it but days like this make me think I'm getting too old for this shit.
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